International Women’s Day 2019

Name: Brenda Quinn

Job title:  Property Finance Director

No. of years in the industry: 13 years


1. What does your role involve and what are the most rewarding aspects?

My role is very broad – it ranges from overseeing the entire Property Finance department to financing new & existing opportunities to tax planning to designing and delivering key reports to shareholders and everything in between.

I love being a key part in projects from inception to the final outcome. My passion is about a lot more than numbers. It’s about the why & the impact on the longer-term vision of the Group. I’m a solutions orientated person and so when all of that is in the mix, that’s when I’m at my best and that’s when work’s not work.

2. Have you had to overcome any challenges?

Has anyone not had to overcome challenges? 

For me, starting out my career as a young single parent presented many hurdles. Being female didn’t help.  I don’t think I fully understood what was happening at the time (I thought it was just me) but with hindsight, I realise that I’ve fully earned any stripes I have.

I remember at one point in particular, when I was ready to quit (something that is not in my nature) – only for my Mum, I would have, as I couldn’t see how I was ever going to make it. I was also my own worst enemy at times; in that I lacked self-belief and believe that anything less than 100% is not good enough. 

Some might say, that I’ve overcome the former hurdle! But in all seriousness, that took a lot of inward assessment and discussion with those I hold closest to me.  And still does to be fair.

3. What was your entry route into this career?

I had decided whilst choosing A-level subjects that I’d be going down the Chartered Accountant route, so it was the usual Accountancy degree, followed by ICAI training & qualification with BDO Stoy Hayward in Belfast.  I always knew I wanted to be in industry rather than practice, but in those days to be Chartered you had to train in practice. A year’s secondment to an engineering company during my training cemented that train of thought.

4. What advice would you give to your younger self before joining the industry?

Very simply, believe in your own ability.  And don’t be afraid to say that you are doing well to those who need to hear it.  No need to boast but do get your point across. Also, don’t take criticism so personally! And speak up – being inquisitive and challenging and providing a different point of view is what makes businesses innovative.

5. How can we encourage more women into your area of expertise?

In accountancy, there are a lot of women joining the ranks. That’s been the case even when I qualified 18 odd years ago.  The problem is when it comes to career progression.  We are still in a male dominated environment for various reasons. But I believe that this is changing – you only have to look around to see women in influential positions.

Progressive organisations are making step changes to adapt to major shifts in working patterns.  It’s not all about women either.  We see our new generations with different expectations than what we had and if we want to attract and retain brilliant people, we must get with the programme.

My advice to women is to put yourself out there. Now is the time for change.

Don’t wait for success as you define it, to just happen. Go get it.  Don’t be afraid to fail but learn from those failures.  Don’t focus on what you can’t do but rather on what you can do.  We gain experience within & out of our working lives – women have such strength, determination and compassion – that is a deadly combination – use it!

Market research tells us that with the advent of new technology, our jobs are changing, with an emphasis on softer skills replacing the more traditional type work – this presents opportunity and I would encourage women to be ready for opportunity.

Find or be a mentor, if you can. It helps to be able to talk through ideas & concerns with someone with experience; so you know you or they are on the right path or just to obtain a different perspective.  There are initiatives in NI & beyond that are targeted to giving women insight & networks into business that may otherwise not happen – though I believe that long term we should aim for such initiatives to be gender-less; for now, they have a worthwhile purpose.

6. What other aspects need to be addressed and improved?

Equality of pay.  

Striking the right balance – we’re teetering on the brink of major change for women and about time, but we need to be careful that we don’t dis-empower women too – we can fight a lot of our own battles and don’t always need every comment made result in public condemnation and demanded changes to legislation. 

The good work being done just gets lost in the minute.  Work environments become sterile and everyone’s afraid to speak in case it doesn’t come out right – and ultimately that leads to a loss of innovation & productivity in the workplace.

Networking – the old boys network unfortunately is still alive – this presents a real obstacle to women in business.

7. Would positive discrimination address the above?

Honestly, I don’t think so.  

Nothing would be worse for my sense of accomplishment to think that I only got to where I did because the numbers had to be made up. Ultimately soul destroying.  

I think that those in the driving seats now (who are mostly men) need to take note of the changing times and get ahead of the game.  Most men I know, strongly feel that we should all be on a level playing field.  The challenge is showing businesses how that is achieved and measuring the long-term benefits to the business v the short-term cost of changing who, where & when our workforce works. Technological advances have already paved the way for this – with flexible working (being able to work at any hour of the day or night to achieve set targets) and remote working being already possible and a reality. 

Name: Jordan Daly

Job title:  Aftercare Liaison Officer

No. of years in the industry: 6 years


1. What do you like about working on site?
I love working on site because every day is different, you get to widen your knowledge and get a feel for things first hand. I personally think I have learned a lot more on the practical side and seeing a job through from start to end is always an achievement.
2. What was your entry route into the industry?
I was pretty lucky, I never studied construction. Once I left school, I went to 6th form and studied business, shortly after I didn’t think it was for me, so I left and did part time jobs here and there. A friend made me aware that there was a position in her workplace, a building maintenance company, which I applied for and got the job and went straight into an RLO position for a social housing contract. I started with all the basic calls, arranging labour etc and then a couple years later went on to managing a team of admin and going on to site for both electrical & building purposes which included meeting the surveyors and quoting for the works using SORS and managing the invoicing. I worked on the electrical contract for 4 years, until we won a new contractor for the building which I was offered the opportunity to co-ordinate along with the contract’s manager.
3. Have you had to overcome any challenges?
Thankfully, I have not yet experienced any major challenges but if I had to note down any, it would be the fear of not knowing the right answers. When you are first placed on site with 10 different contractors it can feel very overwhelming, especially when contractors are asking you things that you are not 100% confident on. I feel like I have had to widen my knowledge and experience to get by whilst working on site which I am now in a position to say I am working comfortably.
4. How can the construction industry be more attractive to women?
Personally, I believe that the attitude to women working in the construction industry has changed massively over the years. Construction is still a male dominating business, however as the years go on there has been an increase of female roles across construction sites which I think all companies need to publicise more of. For example, job adverts with women trades instead of males; articles of women talking about the industry on a weekly basis – show off and promote the women who are doing well within the industry.
All companies should actively promote women across platforms; social media is one of the greatest mediums for promoting awareness. Women are often hesitant of being on site, because of the image perceived of the working men and until working on a site do they understand this is not always the case but to combat this misconception we need the media to allow another image to be created to then connect better with the general public.
5. With the industry insight you now have, what advice would you give to another female considering of entering into the sector?
It is not as scary as it looks, if construction is something you would like to get in to, don’t be afraid to do so. There are loads of opportunities and chances for women to be just as successful within the construction industry if you are willing to work hard enough for it.

Name: Catherine Winters

Job title:  SHEQ Officer 

No. of years in the industry: 1.5 years


1. What do you like about working on site?
Every day is different. Working on site is great and you really feel like part of a big family!
2. What was your entry route into the industry?
I studied BSc Hons Environmental Health at University of Ulster. I carried out a placement year with Johnson and Johnson in 2015 as an Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator. I graduated in 2017 and found myself job hunting in Belfast.
And that’s where I fell into construction – I started off as a Graduate SHEQ Officer where I completed my NEBOSH General and Construction Certificate with Lagan Construction. I joined McAleer & Rushe in May 2018 as a SHEQ Officer working in Bournemouth.
3. How can the construction industry be more attractive to women?
Until I was working within the construction industry, I knew very little about it. More education in secondary schools promoting industry trades and management roles to both young men and women would be helpful.
4. Have you had to overcome any challenges?
A few… however my confidence has grown tenfold in the last year!
5. With the industry insight you now have, what advice would you give to another female considering of entering into the sector?
The construction industry is going in the right direction – it still has a long way to go to get more young females on board but do not let that put you off! Go for it – you won’t regret it!

Name: Suzanne McCabe

Job title:  Project Manager

No. of years in the industry: 6 years


1. What does your role involve and what are the most rewarding aspects?
My role involves the co-ordination between all the stakeholders in a project from the client through to the operatives on site to ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget and to a high quality. Most importantly though it is to ensure that the Health & Safety is not compromised whilst trying to achieve these factors.
2. Have you had to overcome any challenges?
No matter who you are or what career you pick you will face challenges along the way. Challenges can arise on any given day and you just have to keep calm and come up with a practical solution.
My biggest challenge was having to travel as I have a young child but thankfully with the support from my family and McAleer & Rushe, I am able to balance travelling for work and family life.
3. What was your entry route into this career?

Following my GSCE’s, I completed my A Levels in Technology and Design, Politics, ICT and a BTEC in Construction. I then went on to do a Degree in Construction, Engineering and Management in the University of Ulster. I started my career as a junior estimator which gave me a solid understanding of contracts and commercials. I then moved from estimating into site engineering to give me the practical knowledge and understanding of the challenges involved in delivering a project on site.

Combining the commercial background with this practical experience then gave me a great foundation to begin my career in the field of project management.

4. What advice would you give to your younger self before joining the industry?
The advice I would give my younger self or any young person going into the industry is most importantly surround yourself with people you can learn from and take in all they have to teach you, this can come from the Director of a company to an operative on site. Everyone has knowledge that can benefit you along the way. Also keep striving for what you want to achieve and don’t let obstacles take your focus away from achieving your goals.
5. How can we encourage more women into your area of expertise?
I think the construction industry as a whole is a great area of expertise to get involved in as a woman. The variety of roles and opportunities are endless, and I think it is important that young people are aware of this from an early age. I think the industry is sometimes perceived as an outdoor career which some people find very off putting, but in a large percentage of construction careers this is not the case and I think the education around all the possible career paths within the industry is key to increase the number of females.

Name: Eimear Doyle

Job title:  PSenior Site Engineer

No. of years in the industry: 7 years


1. What was your entry route into the industry?
I decided to do construction engineering because I really loved Maths at school and wanted to have a job where I could use my skills but not be in an office all day. I saw the course at the University of Ulster, was impressed with the different areas I would be studying and once I saw the potential career opportunities in the industry, I decided to go for it. No regrets!
2. What do you like about working on site?
As cliché as it sounds, every day is different, and I love that. I like the team work, the family atmosphere on site and how we all get to know each other so well. The work can be tough at times; being part of the Site Management team is not always easy, sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and deal with difficult people, as with any job, but it’s very rewarding and I embrace the challenge.
I get a lot of satisfaction seeing a project from start to finish, and I like problem solving too. On site you can be creative to find solutions, for example, when I organised the pontoon walkway for local residents when their path had to be closed. That was great because I could see something I had worked on have a positive impact on the community.
3. Have you ever had any challenges to overcome?
In terms of being a woman on site? I have only ever had one negative experience, and that was in my previous job at another company. Apart from that, I have never had an issue. I think in fact, being a girl on site – you get more respect from the general workforce and they listen to you more.
In terms of my job – there are challenges every day, but I like them!
4. How can the construction industry become more attractive to women?
First of all, I don’t think many people, who aren’t in the industry, know much about the industry in general and sites which have a poor image to the public just don’t help. There is a misconception that sites are a grubby man’s world. I think this massively puts women off.
PPE that is generally on offer on sites are all very designed towards men and is too big or the wrong shape for women – when in fact, there are women’s PPE available.
Also, in Construction – there are so many different types of jobs that women aren’t aware of; from events management, to sustainability, and project management. I think continuing to promote a positive image of the industry and showcasing success stories will undoubtedly encourage more women to join.
5. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to join the industry?
The only advice I have is to go for it, be open minded, creative and work hard, because the rewards are great. There are fantastic career opportunities in Construction. It’s varied and diverse, you meet so many different people, learn about leadership and team management, and get so much satisfaction and pride in your work.
I hope through my own achievements thus far in my career I can aspire other young females to work within the construction industry and break down the stereotype that it’s a male career choice.

McAleer & Rushe lends support to bowel cancer research

McAleer& Rushe has announced that it has made a significant donation to Bowel Cancer UK to help fund the charity’s bowel cancer research grants programme.

There search focuses on three key themes: improving bowel cancer screening; the identification and surveillance of high-risk groups; and understanding bowel cancer in the under 50’s. 

Eamonn Laverty (Chief Executive of McAleer & Rushe), Deorah Alsina MBE (Bowel Cancer UK) & Seamus McAleer (Chair of McAleer & Rushe)

Deborah Alsina MBE, Chief Executive at Bowel Cancer UK, said:

“More than 42,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year in the UK and tragically over 16,000 people die every year.  We are determined to change that, but we can’t do it alone, which is why we are incredibly grateful to McAleer& Rushe for this wonderful support.”

“Donations like this enables us to pump prime research which will help us ensure in the future more people at high risk of the disease are identified and that more people have the opportunity to either have bowel cancer prevented or detected earlier.  Quite simply, McAleer & Rushe is helping us create a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer.”

Christmas… a time of giving

As the build up to the festive period begins it is easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of presents and commercial fanfare the Christmas season can bring. Christmas is a time for generosity and kindness, and it is difficult to comprehend there are so many children and adults who won’t receive a gift on Christmas morning.

Olivia O’Neill & Monique Croucher

Instead of the customary office Secret Santa, McAleer & Rushe staff decided to help make Christmas special for those who need it most in collaboration with the Road of Hope charity.

Road of Hope is a Northern Ireland based charity who help those who have been affected by conflict, internationally,nationally and locally. Their reach includes Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and some African countries.

This year McAleer & Rushe participated in the organisation’s Christmas Shoe Box Appeal. Each member of staff became a Secret Santa to a child or adult in need, choosing toys and treats for a girl or boy of a chosen age group or elderly person.

The shoeboxes were collected on Wednesday 7th November and are well on their way to be distributed to underprivileged children and adults in Eastern Europe who wouldn’t normally receive any gifts,in time for Christmas.

Olivia O’Neill, Seamus McAleer & Monique Croucher

Thanks to theRoad of Hope organization, the season of giving can extend beyond your own family, friends and colleagues – All of us at McAleer & Rushe are thankful to share the Christmas spirit with as many people as possible which is what Christmas is all about!

Edinburgh’s New Waverley Marks ‘Topping Out’ of New UK Government Hub

Development Milestone Reached as Offices Housing 2,900 Civil Service Jobs in the Heart of the Old Town Nears Completion.

The new UK Government hub planned for New Waverley in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town has reached a significant milestone today (Wednesday July 4th) with the official ‘Topping Out’ of the office scheme set to be home to some 2,900 government workers.

The seven-level development, which comprises two interlinked office buildings providing almost 200,000 sq. ft. of ultra-modern Grade A office space, has now reached its highest point – an occasion marked by the UK Government and developers Artisan Real Estate Investors.

The UK Government announced last year that it will relocate 2,900 civil service jobs to the new regional hub by 2020 under the terms of a 25-year lease. This includes HMRC, which will operate one of its 13 regional centres from New Waverley. This will be the UK Government’s cross-departmental flagship Hub in Scotland, which will function as the Scottish base of several government bodies, including the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland, the Office of the Advocate General, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Office for Statistics Regulation, the Government Actuary’s Department and HM Treasury. Staff from the Health and Safety Executive and the Information Commissioner’s Office will also be based here.

The new Government offices will offer the highest levels of sustainability and operational efficiency, and employees will benefit from a contemporary design with added staff amenities including a landscaped roof area providing sweeping views across the Waverley Valley,

Speaking at the Topping Out ceremony, Neil Richardson, Commercial Director, Government Property Agency said:

This new flagship building is part of our radical upgrade of the Civil Service, and will support a diverse and creative workforce as they make a real difference to the lives of people living in Scotland. The hub will provide high quality, skilled jobs right in the heart of the city centre as well as contributing significantly to the local economy. Alongside significant savings for the taxpayer, the roll-out of Government Hubs will provide modern working environments across the whole of the UK enabling us to provide the best public services we can.

Julie McHugh, Edinburgh Regional Implementation Lead, HMRC spokesperson added:

Locating HMRC to a new regional centre in Edinburgh in the New Waverley development is another step in HMRCs transformation into a modern, digitally advanced tax authority. This unique city centre location will bring our teams together to promote closer working relationships as well as increasing our effectiveness in collecting taxes.

The completion of the office hub will complete the cornerstone of New Waverley’s current development phase, which will see the high quality office space blend with restaurants, cafes and shops around the public plaza. Artisan’s £200 million, 7.5 acre mixed-use scheme seamlessly links Waverley Station with the city’s iconic Royal Mile, forming part of the Old Town’s UNESCO World Heritage site.


Welcoming the UK Government to New Waverley, Clive Wilding, Artisan’s project director, said:

Bringing the UK Government hub right into the historic heart of Edinburgh is a ringing endorsement for what we are building here – not just for New Waverley, but for the city of Edinburgh and for Scotland. It sends out an important message that our city centres have the interest, value and capacity to attract investment from the very best employers, setting an important precedent for Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland

For New Waverley, it’s another significant step of our journey to restore life, vitality and energy to this very special part of Edinburgh’s historic city centre, and will be a natural fit for the exciting and vibrant mixed-use community we are creating here.

People coming to work here will enjoy an unmatched working, leisure and living environment. On their doorstep will be one of Scotland’s major transport hubs as well as an eclectic mix of shops, hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants and homes in a location that reflects both the best of the city’s heritage and its future.

They will find that New Waverley is a genuinely unique destination in which to work, live and enjoy time out. This is a transformational development of a UNESCO Heritage site, in one of the world’s most iconic yet delicate locations. It’s pioneering the future, whilst preserving the past, representing a blueprint for sensitive yet positive city-centre regeneration.

Reaching the Topping Out stage of the office hub is also a significant milestone for New Waverley contractors, McAleer & Rushe, who are on target to complete the commercial phase by summer 2019.

Construction of the two interlinked office buildings totalling 230,000 sq. ft. brought its own particular challenges, including overcoming a 40 ft. gradient which runs from the Royal Mile down into the Waverley Valley. This means that both buildings are built into the side of the hill, with the ground floor access into the public plaza on one side becoming the building’s second level further down the slope.

The buildings have a significantly large concrete frame composed of 15,000 cubic metres of concrete, all of which was non pre-fabricated and poured on site. The facades of the completed buildings will be clad in the highest quality Stanton Moor buff sandstone to reflect the unique heritage and environment of their immediate surroundings.

Shane McCullagh, contracts director from McAleer & Rushe added:

This strategically important landmark building provides a spectacular focal point and destination for the wider New Waverley development. It’s a challenging development to complete, especially considering its unique location at the heart of Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage site, but one that is being delivered on time, on budget and with the highest safety standards.

Now that we have ‘Topped Out’ the office buildings, the true mass, vision and scope of the entire New Waverley masterplan is now apparent, and it’s a fitting testament to our team on site and the whole development team that so much has been achieved in a relatively short timescale. We are appreciative for this opportunity in the ongoing partnership with Artisan and very much look forward to handing over the completed offices to the UK Government in 2019.

New Waverley’s office development was sold in October 2017 by Artisan to Legal & General, who secured the development on behalf of Legal & General Retirement which invests in high-quality long-term UK assets that generate income streams that match its commitments to pensioners.

The development has won three place-making awards in the last year – including best regeneration project for both the Scottish Property Awards and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The scheme’s architects are Allan Murray Architects.

For more information about the progress at New Waverley, visit

McAleer & Rushe recognised at the Irish Construction Industry Awards gala in Dublin

Northern Ireland based developer and contractor McAleer & Rushe has been awarded the prize for ‘International Project of the Year’ at the Irish Construction Industry Awards for Global Student Accommodation’s 1000-bed Catherine House scheme in Portsmouth.

The awards, now in their fifth year recognise companies which demonstrate excellence and innovation in Ireland’s construction industry. McAleer & Rushe competed against four other international companies to lift the award at the gala ceremony which took place at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin.

McAleer & Rushe was engaged as the design and build contractor by the global leader in student accommodation to develop the scheme through the entire evolution process. The project which was worth £50m completely transformed and extended the existing derelict 1970s landmark office building, Zurich House on Stanhope Road. The original structure was given a state-of-the-art refurbishment providing a 405-bed student accommodation along with the design and construction of an 11-storey new build extension delivering enough space for an additional 595 beds.

Commenting on the award Dominic Trainor, McAleer & Rushe Contracts Director said,

It is a great honour to be recognised by our peers for this project which further cements our position as leading contractors in the student accommodation sector. I want to pay tribute to our teams hard work and commitment and thank our client, GSA for entrusting us with the scheme. Carrying forward this collaborative relationship with GSA we have already begun work on two further projects in Bournemouth to deliver 950 student beds. We look forward to continuing to build this long-lasting relationship to deliver additional schemes across the UK and Ireland.


Tim Mitchell, GSA’s Global Head of Real Estate, said:

There’s no doubt that the development of Catherine House was one of our most ambitious projects to date, but we’re delighted with the results delivered by McAleer & Rushe. We’ve successfully brought 1,000 much-needed high-specification student rooms to Portsmouth and are proud to have given such an iconic building a second lease of life. Feedback from our residents living there has been outstanding!

Since 2014, the Irish Construction Industry Awards have become an established benchmark for contractors, businesses, teams and consultants in Ireland to demonstrate innovation and excellence within the built environment.

East Cliff Pre-School’s Artwork Rewarded at Belaton House

The Student Housing Company, in partnership with McAleer & Rushe, has unveiled a hoarding with a difference at its new Belaton House student accommodation development today.

The screen, required as a precaution to keep pupils at East Cliff Pre-School safe throughout the development works, was taken one step further by the Student Housing Company to offer a visual and engaging element for the children. The safety wall includes a gallery of the pupils’ artwork, as well as viewing windows to let the children check-in on how the development works are going.

As part of the construction of Belaton House on Holdenhurst Road, an existing fence has been removed adjoining the development to East Cliff Pre-School and The Student Housing Company took the decision to create a unique hoarding which the pupils could engage with.

Alex Piddington, Graphic Designer at the Student Housing Company, said:

The Student Housing Company is always looking for ways to work alongside the local community and we saw this is a fantastic opportunity to engage children; something that we don’t normally have the chance to do.
We loved developing the creative element of the protective screen along with the pupils, staff and parents at East Cliff Pre-School and we can’t wait to see how the children interact with it over the coming months. There are certainly some talented young artists at the school, and hopefully the viewing windows might even inspire the next generation of architects and engineers!

Dominic Trainor, Contracts Director at McAleer & Rushe, said:

The creation of the hoarding on Holdenhurst Road is an exciting initiative which provides the opportunity for East Cliff Pre-School to showcase the talent of its children and to bring to life a construction project that will add a dynamic new dimension to the local area. A key commitment of McAleer & Rushe is being a good neighbour to the communities in which we operate, not only by ensuring that our sites are safe and secure but also by inspiring people through our projects and hopefully providing a platform for the next generation.

Beckie Capewell and Amanda Allison, Co-owners of East Cliff Pre-School Said:

McAleer & Rushe has been great throughout the whole construction process so far and has made it clear that the safety of the children and staff at East Cliff Pre-School was their top priority. We have had constant visits from the team to ensure we are happy with how the works are progressing and we are thrilled with the final mural on our side of the fence. The children will love to see their own artwork on display as well as enjoy peeping into the hidden viewing windows, helping them feel included as the building progresses. The children are looking forward to visiting the site itself and see first-hand a glimpse into how a building is constructed. Thank you to The Student Housing Company and McAleer & Rushe from all the team at East Cliff Pre-School.

Upon completion Belaton House will provide 403 student bedrooms, in a combination of three to eight bed apartments, ‘twodios’ and studios.

Pupils from Brighton Primary Schools to explore citizenship in new arts engagement programme

‘What makes young people proud to live in Brighton?’

McAleer & Rushe, the contractor building a new office development on Station Street in Brighton, has partnered with Art4Space, a leading community arts organisation to explore ‘What makes young people proud to live in Brighton?’. As part of the project, pupils from St Bartholomew’s and St Paul’s Primary School today unveiled their inspired artwork which has transformed the hoarding around The Brinell Building site. The unveiling was also attended by SHW and Brighton & Hove City Council.

The community arts engagement project is enabling Brighton’s children to develop a better understanding of their citizenship and local community through art and creativity. The primary school pupils have worked with Art4Space to develop the content of the artwork in the form of drawings, doodles, words and quotes, which will be displayed as an outside public gallery during the construction of The Brinell Building.

Commenting on the arts engagement project, Jonathan O’Neill from McAleer & Rushe said,

“I hope this initiative will encourage local young people to take an interest in the development of this building and during the next 12 months our hoarding will act as an outdoor exhibition space where local children and their families can proudly see their art on display. It was great to show the students around the site and provide them with a greater insight into the work that we do. Construction is a dynamic and exciting industry to work in and we are delighted to have been able to showcase this today.”

The Brinell Building, will comprise 7-storeys of Grade A office accommodation and views across Brighton and to the seafront from multiple roof terraces. The development is targeting a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating and includes amenities such as secure underground car and bicycle parking, electric car charging points, private changing booths and showers, a drying room and a double height reception.

Julie Norburn, director of Art4Space has been delighted with the artwork produced;

“I admire what the children have created around the theme of citizenship and the paintings will create a wonderful outside gallery for all to enjoy for many months during the construction of The Brinell Building. What a way to brighten up the streets!”

McAleer & Rushe Group celebrate 50 Years in Business

McAleer & Rushe, which is one of the UK’s largest design and build construction and property companies, is celebrating 50 years in business and has hosted events in London and Cookstown to celebrate the key milestone.

L-R Seamus McAleer (Chairman) Paul O’Connell (Guest Speaker) and Eamonn Laverty (Chief Executive)

The events marked McAleer & Rushe’s journey from small beginnings in Cookstown where it was formed in 1967 by Seamus McAleer, and where its headquarters are still based, to its standing today as a brand that has its construction footprint in cities throughout the UK and Ireland. With regional offices in London, Dublin and Belfast the company reported Profit Before Tax (PBT) of £10m in 2016, a 100% increase from the previous year with turnover in 2017 expected to exceed £350M. It currently employs 330 people across its operations.

The Company is jointly owned by Seamus McAleer, Founder and Chairman and Eamonn Laverty, Chief Executive, who together have been the driving force behind the business. The business made its in name in the early years by delivering large scale social housing projects before moving into commercial construction and development. The Company would be recognised as the leading Hotel Design & Build Company within the construction sector. The Company has constructed over 20,000 hotel rooms, 2 million square foot of office space, over 10,000 houses and 7,500 student housing units across the UK and Ireland. 


Commenting on the local to national journey that the business has been on, Seamus McAleer, said,

“Our principles, which are based on hard work, a strong team ethic and ambition, are those that we set out 50 years ago when we established our base in Cookstown and remain the cornerstone of our business today. We are fortunate to have such great staff, working hard for the Company and sharing in our successful journey”.

McAleer & Rushe has dominated the UK wide ‘Construction Manager of the Year Award’ (CMYA) with one of their local Project Managers Margaret Conway being the first ever female winner (in the 39 years of the Awards) – winning the coveted title in September for her work on the £22m nine storey office block at 9 Adelaide Street in Belfast for Belfast City Council. This followed the success of her colleague Paul Marlow who became the youngest ever CMYA winner in 2016 for a £29 million student accommodation project in East London for UNITE.

Talking about the future growth of the business, Eamonn Laverty added,

“2017 represents a very important milestone for our business and after gaining 50 years’ experience in the acquisition, design, development, construction and management of a variety of property types we are looking to the future with increased confidence. We have an extensive portfolio of work, a growing client base with a number of important projects in the pipeline and we are looking forward to the long-term growth of our business throughout 2018 and beyond.”

McAleer & Rushe supports ‘A Square Metre for Butterflies’ initiative at New Waverley development

Employees of McAleer & Rushe along with pupils from Royal Mile Primary School have highlighted their commitment to enhancing the local environment by planting a selection of flowers, creating a bee ‘hotel’ and designing a biodiversity themed screen on the site of the New Waverly office development in Edinburgh.

As part of Edinburgh Living Landscape, Leonie Alexander Urban Biodiversity Project Officer at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), has worked with the company to develop a space to encourage insect life and help supportthe butterfly and bee population in the local area. Contributing to ‘A Square Metre for Butterflies’ the area is a place where companies are encouraged to devote at least one square meter to butterfly caterpillar food plants and nectar plants for adult butterflies.

The New Waverley Development will deliver 200 000 sq ft of new Grade A office space in the heart of Edinburgh’s “Old Town” which forms part of a World Heritage zone. Edinburgh was recently found to be the UK city with the greatest proportion of green space with almost half of the city’s area classified as ‘green’.

Kevin Byrne, Health & Safety Officer at McAleer & Rushe commented:

“We are delighted to support this important initiative working in partnership with the RBGE to enhance biodiversity in central Edinburgh and would like to thank all the pupils from Royal Mile Primary School for their help. As a company, we remain committed to supporting environmental initiatives and look forward to adopting similar measures at future developments.”
Leonie Alexander added: “This is a brilliant initiative by McAleer & Rushe to support local wildlife. This small green space acts as a stepping stone for insects to top up on supplies and the bee hotel offers high class accommodation for bumblebees, solitary bees and a whole range of other insects. The pupils at Royal Mile Primary School are super aware of pollinators and this is a great opportunity to contribute something practical.”


Dalata Celebrates Clayton Hotel Charlemont Site with Time Capsule

Dalata Hotel Group plc today celebrated the history and future of its Clayton Hotel Charlemont site in Dublin with a time capsule burial ceremony.

The ceremony, attended by Lord Mayor of Dublin, Brendan Carr, honoured Charlemont’s rich history and marked Dalata’s significant investment in the rejuvenation of this area of Dublin. The site, most recently the Charlemont Clinic was previously home to St Ultan’s Maternity Hospital, the first hospital for infants in Ireland, founded in 1919.

Dalata’s time capsule buried by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Brendan Carr, and Dalata CEO, Pat McCann includes a selection of items showcasing life in Ireland today as well as some historic Irish artefacts and will be buried for a period of 100 years. Items include Dalata’s Annual Report, today’s Irish Times, an Irish Times newspaper located during excavation dating back to 1927 from a previous time capsule and a selection of works from Bunscoil Sancta Maria, Synge Street. The time capsule also includes in it a 32mm bronze statehood medal with a portrait of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, an American sculptor who was born at No 35 Charlemont Street in 1848.

With completion expected in October 2018, Dalata will invest over €30 million in the development of the 4 star Clayton Hotel Charlemont and create over 200 jobs between construction and operation. McAleer and Rushe have been contracted for the construction of the hotel which will see the restoration of a number of historic 18th century Georgian buildings, including the renowned St Ultan’s Hospital, to luxury suites and conference facilities.

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Brendan Carr
attended the event and said:

“I am delighted to be here today to mark the future of the Charlemont area with Dalata Hotel Group, while taking time to reflect on the past. I look forward to the opening of Clayton Hotel Charlemont which will be a great addition to the area, providing additional hotel rooms in Dublin City Centre and in turn will benefit the local economy. The burial of this time capsule at this site will provide future generations with an insight into life in Ireland in 2017.”

Pat McCann, CEO of Dalata Hotel Group said:

“The Clayton Hotel Charlemont is a very exciting development for the Group and we are delighted to be here today in celebration of that. This Time Capsule acknowledges where we’ve come from as a country, society, and indeed as a business as we look forward to the next chapter. We look forward to welcoming guests to the new Clayton Hotel Charlemont in October 2018.”

Martin Magee, Managing Director of McAleer & Rushe commented:

“I am delighted to be present at the event today, it is another significant step in our partnership with Pat McCann and the Dalata Hotel Group in Dublin. This is on the back of our recently announced Maldron Hotels in Belfast and Newcastle Upon Tyne, England and we fully anticipate adding other projects to this partnership in the near future.”

Clayton Hotel Charlemont
The site, located in Dublin 2, fronting on to Charlemont Street and Charlemont Mall on the Grand Canal will be home to a 4 star 181 bedroom hotel. The 5 storey hotel will comprise of the latest high end deluxe Clayton bedrooms, a fine dining restaurant and coffee dock facilities with a view over Grand Canal. The hotel will also provide state of the art function room and conference facilities. The hotel is under architectural supervision by Architects Urban Innovation and Kevin Blackwood Conservation Architects.

Reproduced under permission from (c) Dalata Hotel Group plc

Newcastle celebrates 800 years of Mayoralty and looks to the future with time capsule burial at major redevelopment

Newcastle and the North East marked the significant milestone of 800 years of Mayoralty by burying a time capsule at the Newgate Centre, the site of a major £100m regeneration project in the city.

The capsule buried by Newcastle Lord Mayor Hazel Stephenson and Councillor Ged Bell will not be opened before 2097 and includes a broad range of objects and artefacts that celebrate different aspects of life in the North East today.

The Council chose the site of the development project in the heart of the city to position the capsule as it represents an important investment for the future of the region. The redevelopment being undertaken by McAleer & Rushe will support 780 jobs during the construction phase with up to 153 new full time jobs on the site following completion.

At the event attended by local community and businesses the Lord Mayor highlighted the significance of the milestone and investment in the city. Councillor Hazel Stephenson, said:

“Newcastle and the North East has a rich and cherished history and we wanted to mark this major milestone by linking our past with the future and the planting of the time capsule at this important site is a fitting tribute to life in our city today. It represents the very positive and dynamic opportunity for the city and the wider region in the years ahead.”

The redevelopment will see the existing 1960’s shopping centre being replaced by a 265-bedroom four star Maldron hotel, 20,000 sq ft of commercial space for retail, leisure or professional services use and 575 units of purpose built student accommodation operated by the UK’s leading provider of student housing, Unite Students.

Eamonn Laverty, Chief Executive of McAleer & Rushe, commented:

“We are privileged to have been involved in the marking of the 800th anniversary of Mayoralty in Newcastle, attending the event alongside the local suppliers and consultants who are working closely with us and Newcastle City Council. This marks an important moment in the region’s history and through the development of the Newgate site we are looking forward to helping develop economic growth and sowing the seeds of future prosperity.”

Objects in the capsule include a Newcastle United scarf, a Royal Mint coin set, and one of the last round pounds in circulation providing future generations with an insight into life in the city in 2017.

Attendees at the event included Brunswick Methodist Church and representatives from project partners Maldron and Unite Students.

We ‘relay’ enjoy fundraising

The McAleer & Rushe site teams at Brunswick Street and College Avenue are entering teams in the 2017 Belfast Marathon to raise funds for Arvalee School and Resource Centre, Omagh.

The main focus of Arvalee School and Resource Centre is to support children and young people with learning difficulties to overcome the challenges they face in order to grow, learn and achieve so that they can be the best that they can be.

The funds raised by McAleer & Rushe will be used to support their mission to give opportunities for children and young people to shine.

Link to just giving page:

The McAleer & Rushe Relay Teams: Head Office Team 1

Route No. Route Name Distance (Miles) Runner
A City Hall – Bridge End 6.2 John Cullen
B Bridge End – Hillview 3.3 Julie McGuigan
C Hillview – Gideon’s Green 7.2 Benny McKay
D Gideon’s Green – Corporation St 4.5 Charlene Millen
E Corporation Street – Finish 5.0 Donna Todd

Head Office Team 2

Route No. Route Name Distance (Miles) Runner
A City Hall – Bridge End 6.2 Michael Lynn
B Bridge End – Hillview 3.3 Thomas McPeake
C Hillview – Gideon’s Green 7.2 Tommy Cassidy
D Gideon’s Green – Corporation St 4.5 John Canavan
E Corporation Street – Finish 5.0 Ronan McRory

Brunswick Street Site Team

Route No. Route Name Distance (Miles) Runner
A City Hall – Bridge End 6.2 Cathal Magee
B Bridge End – Hillview 3.3 Greg Kelly
C Hillview – Gideon’s Green 7.2 Benny Ward
D Gideon’s Green – Corporation St 4.5 Carl McAllister
E Corporation Street – Finish 5.0 Mark McKay

College Avenue Site Team

Route No. Route Name Distance (Miles) Runner
A City Hall – Bridge End 6.2 Adam Toal
B Bridge End – Hillview 3.3 Ciaran Tiffney
C Hillview – Gideon’s Green 7.2 Jonathan Murphy
D Gideon’s Green – Corporation St 4.5 Niall McCartan
E Corporation Street – Finish 5.0 Ryan O’Neill